We all know that Jessica Simpson was very happy with her pregnancy and she didn’t really care about her weight during those 9 months. She always said that she would worry about the baby fat after she gave birth. Now that her daughter, Maxwell, is born, it is time for her to step on the scale.

News for her

Jessica-Simpson’s-First-StepShe is known to participate in Weight Watchers and at the initial stages she stepped on the scale and there were only bad news for her. She gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy. The executives of the show offered her $4 million to lose 20-30 pounds by the end of August.

If she doesn’t manage to lose that much weight, she won’t get a dime. Even her closest friends admit that shedding all that weight won’t be easy for the singer. This is because she always had a weakness of junk food. The celebrity admits that she needs help

How does she plan on succeeding?

In order to make it easier to control herself, she also enrolled her mother, Tina, and a few friends in the program. Their goal isn’t to lose weight or to get fit, but to keep an eye on the celebrity to make sure that she won’t do anything that would jeopardize her success with the program.

It is known that Jessica Simpson really likes margaritas and she indulged in them after she gave birth. The only problem is that these are really high in calories. This is why she decided to stop after she had a few drinks.

How will she do it?

We can be sure that the celebrity will have a strict diet that she has to keep no matter what and we can also be sure that it won’t include margaritas or any junk food. Most probably she will have to eat healthy foods that are low in calories but that are high in protein.

Proteins will be important for her because she will also have to work out. She will be working with a trainer who will come up with a serious workout routine. She will have to work out at least every other day, but it is also possible that she will have daily sessions. After the program is over for sure she will get her great body back or at least she will look and feel better than she does now.