We are parents to a beautiful girl who we both think became a woman a bit too soon.

Of course, we were with her through her entire childhood, right from her earliest  pink booties to leather thigh highs, and we grinned and nod at it all, after all, she was the apple of everyone’s eye.

We were also amused by the fact of her not eating this and not eating that, just because someone told her that it give calories. We just chalked it up to teenage misinformation and left it at that.

It was only during a softball game that we actually understood what was really happening.

She just collapsed one fine day during the game, and it was only later that we found out that she was positively starving herself under those pretty clothes of hers. What followed was an eye opening session with the doctors and psychiatrists.

Much has been said about our love for beauty and good looks. Everywhere we go, we hear and see that the only path to success is being beautiful and looking slim and trim.

Due to this, there are several people, particularly women, who go to extreme measures to look good and slim. There have been several women who have taken drastic efforts to lose weight quickly, or to simply lose weight.

While many may find it amusing, and it would not be long before we actually watch a movie that is based on a petite woman trying to lose weight and win her handsome prince; bad diets can damage feminine health to great extents.

Here is some more information about bad diets and their ramifications on feminine health.

Anorexia Nervosa: This is one of the best known and spoken about eating disorder that is normally seen in women.

Anorexia Nervosa is basically a condition where women take too much care about their looks and particularly their weight.

This causes them to stop eating some types of food that are healthy, just because they have ‘read it somewhere’ that it causes weight gain.

As the situation goes further, it all turns into a witch hunt finally and the victim stops eating almost entirely.

More than ninety percent of the people who suffer from anorexia nervosa are women. Anorexia nervosa is also mostly found in people who are almost always under the media glare, like actresses, celebrities, models, etc. There has been enough controversy about some models actually not eating anything before a show, simply so that they can lose weight.

Recently, there has been news about a model that nearly starved her self to death because she wished to retain her pencil thin figure at a particular fashion show. This is the best proof that insensitive or bad diets can damage feminine health.

Nutrients: Of course, things do not have to be so drastic, but that does not mean that the situation is not normal.

Many women, as well as men do not eat some types of foods due to various religious, cultural or other reasons.

As a result, they do not get the necessary nutrients that exist in these foods. This not only causes them to lead an unhealthy lifestyle throughout their life, this would have serious ramifications once they pass a particular age.

You will find many women who have either gained a lot of weight, or have become too sickly thin simply because they have followed mom and pop diets that have no scientific base or background.