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gestational age vs fetal age

A Knowhow on Gestational Age Vs Fetal Age

During pregnancy you must have heard two words repeatedly and must have got confused about the difference - Gestational age and fetal age. You...
dental care and pregnancy

Dental Care and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is definitely one of the most exciting and important phase for all women but it also brings along list of various health issues...
lose weight after multiple C sections

How to Lose Weight after Multiple C Sections?

C section or a caesarean is a surgical procedure which is used to deliver a baby when natural delivery is not possible or if...

Top 7 Foods Which can Help Prevent Stretch Marks

No one likes stretch marks and no one has ever desired to have some on their bodies. Stretch marks are those ugly looking marks...
common mistakes made by all pregnant women

7 Most Common Mistakes Made by all Pregnant Women

Even if you know a lot about eating right, doing the right exercises and other nuances related to pregnancy, there is still a big...
things to consider before choosing a pregnancy practitioner

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Pregnancy Practitioner

If you have discovered that you are pregnant then the first thing that you might want to do is to find a pregnancy practitioner. ...
pregnancy insomnia

Pregnancy Insomnia – Some Important Points to Know

Pregnancy brings along with itself a gamut of changes for a woman and these can be both emotional and physical. One common thing that...
experiencing some unusual early signs and symptoms you might be pregnant

Experiencing Some Unusual Early Signs and Symptoms- You Might be Pregnant

When a woman gets pregnant, she starts to experience certain things which indicate the news to her and are a way to identify the...

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