One of the most important aspects related to successful and painless breastfeeding is latch. Without properly positioning yourself and the baby, breastfeeding can be a painful affair and may prove very discomforting.  Latch can be considered as the moment of breastfeeding when everything comes together and is a time when the baby sucks at your nipple and draws out breastmilk. If your baby hasn’t latched properly, you can feel soreness at the nipple and this can prove to be very daunting for you. So how exactly can one obtain the perfect latch?

Ways to Latch Baby While Breastfeeding


The following are some ways that will prove to be of help:

  • The first thing for you to know is that you must have faith in yourself. If you start off with a negative thought, chances are that you won’t get it correctly, atleast for the first few times.  Be positive and believe that your baby will be able to latch on properly.
  • The next step is to do as much homework as you can before the baby arrives. Join a breastfeeding class or take lessons by watching online videos so as to know everything there is about breastfeeding.
  • To latch a baby correctly, you must get in a comfortable position and try to stay in that position for some time.  Some experts consider the 45 degree inclined position to be the best position for latching or breastfeeding so if that works for you; you can get in that angle.  This is an easier position where moms can use their hands and support the weight of the baby properly.
  • Now lift the head of the baby can bury his chin into your breast.  This position will ensure proper latching.
  • If you need an extra pillow, then get it and make sure the position is as comfortable as it can get.
  • Another tip that can help your baby to latch properly and get the right amounts of breastmilk is by using a little colostrum of milk to moisten the nipple.
  • You must always cup your breast using your palm, hand and the fingers underneath the breast and the thumb on the top of the breast.
  • You must always keep your fingers clear of the areola which is the darker area around your nipple and this technique lets your baby get a big mouthful of the breast so as to have the milk properly and latch on in the correct way.
  • If your breasts are very large then you can try using a small hand towel under your breast so as to support its weight.
  • It is best for the baby to open his mouth as wide as possible as without this, proper latching cannot be achieved.
  • To ensure that the mouth of the baby is properly and fully open, you can tickle the baby’s lower lip using your nipple and this will really help in encouraging him to open his mouth widely.
  • Another tip is to direct your nipple in the center when the mouth of the baby is fully open.

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