New mothers may discover excessive or unusual hair loss while they are breastfeeding their baby.  The amount of hair that fall may vary from one nursing mother to another but it can be a troublesome side effect.  Giving up breastfeeding is never the option since this practice helps to strengthen the baby’s immune system and also helps a mother in losing weight after pregnancy.

Thus one has to find or look for other ways to deal with breastfeeding-related hair loss.  If you too are someone who has been experiencing hair loss while nursing, you can go through the following given top ways to deal with it.

deal with hair loss while breastfeedingUnderstand the Causes or Reasons Behind this Hair Loss

The first way to deal with breastfeeding-related hair loss is to understand it. you must know that this falling of hair while nursing is due to change in hormonal levels since the hormone levels return to normal once the baby has been delivered and the number of hair follicles may deplete.  This may result in more than usual hair falling.

Accept the Fact that you will Experience this Hair Loss While you are Nursing

It is better to accept the fact of hair loss during nursing rather than trying to fight it or be depressed about it.  You cannot totally prevent the falling of hair during breastfeeding but the good news is that this side effect may stop after about 6-12 months of pregnancy when the loss may slow down and your hair growth may come back to normal.

Try to use New Hair Products

If you are very worried about hair loss or if the hair loss is too heavy, then a good way to deal with it is to change the hair products you have been using.  Try out new products which are aimed at giving you a thicker hair growth or those which promise no hair loss. Sometimes, changing products can help as using the same shampoo or conditioner may lead to accumulation of certain harmful chemicals which lead to hair loss.

Concentrate on Eating a Balanced Diet

You might want to check the foods you are eating and the diet that you are following. You must try out a diet which is full of nutrients that play a role in stronger and healthier. Include foods such as olive oil, avocados, nuts and spinach in your diet besides foods high on Vitamin B12 such as cheese, fish, eggs etc. Some iron rich foods which too are good for hair health include lentils and red meat.

Do not Stress Over the Hair Fall

Stress tends to weaken our immune systems and may further lead to increased hair loss. Thus it is a good idea not to stress over it and try diverting your mind from it. Concentrate on other things in life and on raising your baby in a healthy way.  Remember that this is just temporary and your hair growth and strength will soon come back to normal.