Among many other things, breastfeeding is an important to thing to learn for a mother after the birth of the baby. Breastfeeding is recommended for newly born babies atleast for one year as breast milk is an important food for infants and contains a lot of nutrients which are needed for the growth of the baby during the first few months and also to help him fight off infections.

tips for breastfeedingFor first time mothers, it might be a little tricky thing to get used to or learn initially but with practice and a few tips and suggestions, you can master the skill of breastfeeding.  There are many little things which mums get wrong while breastfeeding and the following given tips and suggestions will help you to do breastfeeding:

  • The Cradle Hold Position– One of the best positions for breastfeeding a baby is the cradle position.  In this position, you will need to put your baby on the right breast and nestle him in the right arm while his bottom is rested in your hand.  Now slowly turn the baby by his side and raise him to the level of your breasts. After this, using your left hand, you can support your breast while your fingers are underneath. This position is very flexible and gives you freedom to adjust.
  • The Cross Cradle Position-This is another great position for breastfeeding especially in the case of small babies.  This is a position which is very similar to cradle position except for the fact that in this position, you hold the baby on the arm which is opposite the breast which is being used. Thus in this position, it is easier to control the head of the baby and guide his mouth to your breast.
  • The Football Hold-This is a great position of breastfeeding for those who are facing difficulty in latching.  In this position, you need to sit up in a position in which you baby is perpendicular to your body’s position. You will need to support the head of the baby with your fingers.  In this position, your arm should be resting comfortably on a pillow or a cushion.  The baby’s legs should be tucked between your body and your elbow.
  • Lying Down-This is another breastfeeding position which is considered ideal for those mothers who wish to sleep during the middle of the night feedings.  In this position, you must lie down in such a position that your baby’s face and your face should be facing each other.  In this position, the mouth of the baby should be directly placed in front of your breast.

Except for these positions, you can also try the following tips and suggestions:

  • Moisturizing your nipples will avoid you from getting hurt during breastfeeding.  You can use lip gloss to moisturize or even lanolin cream will help.
  • Don’t over pump as this practice may create an oversupply of milk.
  • Another important breastfeeding tip is to stock up some nursing tanks as they are easy to use and you won’t even need to pull up your shirt.

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