Breastfeeding is a daunting task, especially for first time mothers but at the same time, the importance of Breast milk for a newly born cannot be denied. Breast milk of the mother contains some really important nutrients which are essential for the growth of the baby.  But breastfeeding can be painful and every mom needs a break from it every now and then.

Pumping Breast milk


This is where the importance of a breast pump comes into being.  A breast pump is a handy tool which allows you to fill a bottle with your breast milk and also create a backup of milk to be stored in the freezer. But not every female can get the basics of pumping right. For those, here are a few essential pumping and breastfeeding tips:

1. When to Start Pumping

If your baby was premature and you were in a situation where you were not able to nurse him from the time of birth, then you must start pumping as soon as possible.  Even in the condition where you haven’t been feeding your baby from a bottle from the initial days, you can start pumping and then store the breast milk in the freezer so that it can be used later on. For those women who are planning to go back to work soon enough, you must start pumping a few weeks beforehand so as to stock your milk.

2. The Best Time to Pump

You must also be aware of the best time for pumping.  You can try pumping atleast one hour before your baby’s morning nursing time and stock the milk. If you are at work then in that case you can pump on the schedule which is same as the feedings of your baby so as to keep the supply of the milk strong.

3. Ways to Pump

Okay, so we have figured out when to start pumping and also the time which is best for pumping. Now the next big step is to know the method of pumping.  For this, you can refer to some of the following given instructions:

  • You must first find a comfortable and quiet spot where you can be relaxed about pumping.
  • For effective pumping of breast milk, you must massage your breast a little bit and you can also try to lean over and then shake your breast a little bit.  Shaking will lead to a letdown quickly.
  • A warm compress can also be effective in pumping of breast milk.
  • Another way to pump breast milk effectively is by using an electric pump. If you are using an electric pump, then always start off by using the lowest level of suction initially and then increase the suction as things start moving. This may take a few minutes and hence it is important to create a rhythm and maintain it.
  • You must remember to pump until the milk starts slowing down. At this time, your breasts also feel relatively empty.  Make sure you clean your breasts after you are done with pumping.

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