Breastfeeding or nursing is feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman’s breast. Breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants and round the globe all doctors vouch on this truth. Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding twins can be quite a task for you but with certain simple tips, you can overcome this challenge.

the challenges for breastfeeding twins

Coordinating Feedings

Most mothers find it easiest to breastfeed both at once, which is called simultaneous feeding; however there are many mothers who find it really challenging. Use supportive pillows or larger nursing pillows to support the babies so that your hands are free to help each one latch on correctly. However, the sides of the babies should be changed once in every 24 hours.

There are some more tricks and techniques for right positioning while breastfeeding twins –

Positioning Ideas

Combination Cradle and Clutch Position

The first baby is positioned in the cradle hold with his head resting on your forearm. The second baby has his head in the first baby’s lap and his feet are under your arm.

Double-Clutch or Double Side Position

Each baby is lying with his head in mother’s lap and his legs under her arm. Support a baby’s neck and shoulders in each of your hands or place their heads and upper bodies on firm pillows. If there is a surface directly behind you (chair back, sofa, wall, etc.) babies’ legs and feet should be bent upward and pressed against it, not pushing against it.

Double Prone Position

Lean back in a recliner or on pillows until you feel well supported in a semi-sitting or a supine (flat on your back) position. Lay the babies on their abdomens so they face your breasts. Their abdomens and legs are lying parallel along, and facing, your abdomen but with their heads turned slightly toward the middle of your chest, so each keeps her nose (airway) clear for breathing.

Double Cradle Position

Each baby is lying on his side with his body facing you and his legs stretched out across your upper abdomen. Their heads should be resting on your forearm or near the crooks of your elbows. Their backs should be supported by your forearms, and you can hold their bottoms with your hand. Each baby’s ear, shoulder, and hips should be in a straight line. Each baby’s head should be straight in line with his body, not arched back or turned sideways. Babies’ legs cross in front.

Set up a personalised nursing station when you need to lactate frequently. It helps a lot when you have twins. It is a good idea to have several places where you can sit or lie comfortably with your little ones when you need to nurse. Stocking these spots with drinks, snacks, pillows if you need them, maybe a book or your iPod, and some diapers and extra baby clothes is necessary.

It might not be possible to get up leaving the little ones unattended, thus keep all your essentials close by while breastfeeding twins. Breastfeeding two babies at once should wait until you are sure at least one of the babies is latching on really well and maintaining the latch without much help from you. Thus on a final note, it is a big challenge breastfeeding twins but following the above mentioned tips, you can overcome this difficulty to a great extent.