Giving formula milk to a baby at a few feeds and breastfeeding the baby for other feeds is termed as mixed feeding.  This process is also termed as supplementation. Many parents opt for mixed feeding for a variety of reasons and it is common to see many of them doing it these days due to many reasons.

facts about Mixing Breastfeed and Formula

But before choosing mixed feed technique, parents must be well aware of certain facts which are associated with this kind of a practice. Let’s get you some clear information about mixing breastfeed and formula which will help you decide whether you are ready to give your baby mixed feeds:

Breastfeeding Issues Which Might Lead to Mixed Feeding Method

The following are some of the reasons why a mother may start mixed feeding her baby:

  • In the case when moms are working and are not capable of pumping at work, the need for formula milk may arise, giving rise to the method of mixed feedings.
  • Supplementation is also opted for in those cases where the baby is born prematurely or with certain medical complications.
  • In many cases, moms who have insufficient breast milk supply may also opt for formula milk to help supplement the supply of the milk.
  • Sometimes, the male partner too wants to take part in the feeding process of the baby and in such cases, supplementation is opted for by the parents.
  • In the case of multiples, it might be a challenge to feed 2 or 3 babies with the breast milk supply; and hence parents decide to go for mixed feeding so as to improve the quantity of milk each baby gets.

Is it Safe to Mix Formula Milk and Breastmilk?

This is a question which may pop up in the heads of many mothers. Well, to put it simply, it is not recommended to use both formula milk and breast milk in the same bottle or container because the formula milk needs to be replaced every two hours whereas breast milk may last a little longer. But if you do not mix both the milks but rather feed your baby first with breast milk and then with formula, then the method of mixed feeding may work well and will also not lead to wastage of your precious breast milk.

Does Breastmilk dry up if mixed feeding method is used?

This is another question which a lot of breastfeeding or nursing mothers may have in their minds. The answer to this is no. If milk is removed from your breast, your body tends to adapt and starts to produce the right amount of milk for the times of breastfeeding.  So hence you do not need to worry about drying up of milk in the case of choosing for partial use of formula milk.

How to Choose Formula

Most of the doctors prefer those supplements or milk formulas which are high on iron, atleast for 1 year.  But if the baby develops any kind of allergy to the formula, then it must be stopped immediately.

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