As the name suggests, breast pacifiers are objects which are designed in such a way that they imitate breasts and are given to babies to pacify them. Pacifiers are like artificial nipples which supply the baby with milk. Let’s get to know some important facts about breast pacifiers:

Breast Pacifiers

When to Begin Using a Pacifier

This is the question that crosses the mind of all parents when their babies want the mother’s boob all the time.  It is recommended that pacifiers must not be given to the babies before they turn atleast 3 to 4 weeks old.  Most babies who are breastfed are better off without the pacifier and hence these must be avoided initially.  By not giving the baby a pacifier too early, you will be able to establish a good enough milk supply and the best time to give a breast pacifier is after 6-8 weeks of birth.

How to Use a Breast Pacifier

The following are some of the points which must be considered before using a breast pacifier:

  • A pacifier must not be treated as a substitute for breast and you must establish a schedule for giving the pacifier to your little one.
  • There are many studies that have effectively proved that babies who are given a pacifier tend to wean earlier as compared to those who are not given a pacifier.
  • Infact it is a fact that some babies who take pacifiers are more prone to be infected by oral yeast or thrush.  This oral yeast can also be transferred to your nipples.
  • Another thing to consider before bringing a breast pacifier into use is that many studies have shown that pacifiers are linked to ear infections in babies.
  • If the pacifier tends to be tied around the neck somehow or if it breaks, it can cause choking and even strangulation.  So whenever the baby is given a pacifier, someone must be present to keep an eye on him.
  • These days, latex allergy is becoming a common problem in babies who are given pacifiers.
  • It is preferably to use a silicone pacifier rather than a latex pacifier due to this reason.
  • If your baby is given a pacifier for a prolonged period of time, then it may also lead to teeth misalignment and also speech problems in some cases.
  • It is a fact that giving a pacifier can increase the chances of the mom becoming pregnant or ovulating. This is because exclusive breastfeeding is a natural form or contraception and is effective for the first 6 months.
  • Pacifier use can also reduce the frequency and the duration of the feeds of the baby.

You must avoid using a pacifier for your baby when the baby is having problems in latching, weight gain etc.  If you are experiencing sore nipples or milk supple issues, even in that case you must stop or avoid pacifier use.  If your baby is showing repeated ear infections, it may be due to the use of pacifiers and hence the use must be stopped.

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