What is a Thrush?

A thrush is a kind of a fungal infection which is a result of breastfeeding and can affect a mom’s breast.  Infact a breastfeeding thrush can also affect the mouth of the baby when he is breastfeeding on the mother’s breasts.

causes of breastfeeding thrush

Causes of Breastfeeding Thrush:

  • The body of all humans carries a fungus called fungus candida albicans and this is a part of our digestive system.  Mostly the bacteria keep this fungus in check but in some cases it can grow and even spread, thus leading to an infection.
  • For the thrush to grow, breastfeeding is a good environment as it is warm, sugary and moist. The baby’s mouth too satisfies this criterion for the thrush to grow and from the mouth of the baby, the infection passes onto the nipples of the mother.
  • Infact, if the nipples of the mom are already cracked or sore, the thrush tends to hold on even more firmly.

Symptoms of Thrush:

  • If you have cracked nipples that won’t heal no matter what, then maybe you are experiencing a case of thrush.  This can even happen if your baby is latching on well.
  • If your nipples have turned pink or red in color and may be even white in some areas, then this too can be an indication of thrush infection.
  • If you have sore nipples, then this may be due to the infection of thrush and is one of the symptoms.
  • If you are experiencing pain in your nipples while breastfeeding your baby, then you must get yourself checked because this may be due to thrush formation.
  • If you have sensitive nipples which are itchy and discomforting, then this is another clear sign of thrush infection.
  • Another sign or symptom of thrush is burning sensation in the nipples.

Treatment of Thrush:

The following are a few ways to treat thrush at home:

  • One of the ways to treat thrush at home is by using coconut oil in your food.  Coconut oil is brilliant for many kinds of nipple problems.
  • Vinegar and bicarb soda can be another solution for treating breast thrush. You can place bicarb soda on the nipples and after some time, apply vinegar on them. But remember to use this treatment after nursing your baby.

Photo Credit By: sheknows.com