Breastfeeding can be one of the most beautiful experiences for a mom and also a rewarding one which leaves her satisfied seeing her baby well fed but on the other hand, it can also be a daunting task for those moms who are new to it and are finding it difficult to properly breastfeed their babies or get the latching correct. But by following a few simple tips and by knowing some breastfeeding positions, you can definitely feed your baby properly and in such a way that it turns out to be a painless and comfortable experience for you as well.

Breastfeeding Positions


The following are some of the best breastfeeding positions for both mom and the baby:

The Cradle

In this position, you need to sit with the baby in a lengthwise position across your abdomen in such a way that your elbow can support the head of the baby while your hand supports his bottom. Your other hand must support your breast. This is a perfect position for those babies who have learnt to latch by now.

The Cross Cradle Position

In this position, you will need to lay your little one on his side. The baby must be well supported and for this you can use pillows. If the baby is feeding on your left breast, then you can use your right hand to support his head and this same arm to support the body. You must use your fingers to support your breast.

Side Lying Position

This is another good breast feeding position which requires you to lie sideways in such a way that your back is supported well. Now you must lay your baby in such a way that he is facing you and his chest is against your chest. In this position, your right arm must support the body of the baby while the right hand must support the head of the baby. This is a comfortable position both for the baby and you and will help the baby latch properly.

The Foothold Position

Another position that you can try to breastfeed your baby properly is the foothold position.  In this position, you need to hold the baby at your side face up and lengthwise.  You may require a pillow or two to get this particular position right.  Use your right arm to support the body of your baby if you are nursing on the right side. Guide the head of the baby towards your breast. This is a favorite position of many moms and is recommended to those who have delivered a baby through C section.

Some Tips for Effective Breastfeeding

  • It is always important to be in a very comfortable position while breastfeeding and for this you can use a chair with armrests or lots of pillows.
  • You also need to support your breast with one of your hands while breastfeeding so make one of your hands free as you support the baby with the other.
  • Always bring the baby to the breast rather than going the other way round.

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