You may have used some kind of a birth control or contraception option before you had you baby but once you give birth and are on your nursing phase, the idea of birth control completely changes. As long as the baby is below 6 months of age and the mother has still not had her periods, there may be no need for contraception as risk of pregnancy is minimum. Many moms are not aware of birth control variation for before and after breastfeeding and hence we have detailed information for you that will help you to choose the best form of birth control or contraception while you are breastfeeding your baby:

breastfeeding and birth control

  1. The first thing to remember is that every breastfeeding mom should concentrate and focus more on non-hormonal methods for contraception as these methods do not take estrogen into account. One must stay away from hormonal methods involving estrogen as they cause a decrease in milk production or supply of a breastfeeding female.
  2. One of the best non hormonal methods for birth control for a breastfeeding mom is a condom.  The advantage of using a condom is that it is not only readily available and also has no effect on the breastfeeding as well. Condoms also offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases and have absolutely no risk to the baby or the mother.
  3. Another method of birth control which is considered good for a breastfeeding mother is the use of diaphragms. These too can be very effective if used in the right manner and has no effect on breastfeeding or your little one. Remember that diaphragms must be re-fitted after the baby is born and when the uterus has returned to the pre pregnancy size.
  4. Spermicides is another form of birth control which is suggested to breastfeeding moms as it has no negative effect on the baby and do not pass through the breast milk as well.
  5. You can also go for some permanent birth control methods if you do not plan to conceive another baby. Some of the permanent contraception methods are tubal ligation, vasectomy etc. These methods too do not have any effect on the breastmilk and cannot effect the baby in any way. But these methods are irreversible and hence must be opted for after thorough discussion and consultation from your doctor. Vasectomy requires a minor surgery and as minimal side effects. This is a 100% effective method, just like tubal ligation.  In the case of tubal ligation, the mother and the infant may be asked to separate for a little while and has certain risks, just like most of the surgeries.
  6. Some of the other non-hormonal methods which a breastfeeding mom can use to avoid pregnancy are fertility awareness based methods or FAMs.  These methods are also referred to as family planning methods and involve having knowledge about the signs and symptoms of fertility on the mother’s part. These methods too have no risk of affecting the baby through the breastmilk or by any other means.

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