Breastfeeding is one of the most amazing natural phenomenon which is not only important for your baby but also for you after delivering a baby. But however beautiful or natural it may be, it can be a little harsh on you and may prove to be uncomfortable or painful.

There are many problems that can crop up while breastfeeding and some of them include baby not latching on correctly, sore nipples, cracked nipples and a few others. But due to these problems, don’t give up since your baby needs your milk to be strong, well nurtured and to get the important nutrients early on in life. The following are the top 7 products that can make breastfeeding a better experience:

products that can make breastfeeding much easier

1. A Silicon Nipple Shield

This product is ideal for those who may be having a painful experience while breastfeeding due to cracked or sore nipples.  This is a product that may bring you some relief and also acts as a layer or barrier between your baby’s mouth and your nipples.

2. Breast Shells

If you have slightly inverted nipples and your baby is finding it hard to latch onto them, then breast shells can work very effectively since they help to pull the nipples into the right direction and make them come out. Some women have really small nipples which are flat and even in that case these shells work well.

3. Horseshoe Pillow

Another item which helps you breastfeed your baby in a much better way is a horseshoe pillow. This horseshoe shaped pillow can be placed under the baby so that the baby rests comfortable and you don’t have to bend your neck and back to feed him/her. This is a good product for those who may have back pain or neck issues etc.

4. Nursing Cover

If you are not comfortable nursing in public and need a kind of a cover then you can buy a nursing cover which is a cloth that you can put around your neck while the baby is latched on. It givesyou a little privacy and creates a cozy environment for the baby as well.

5. Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are an amazing breastfeeding accessory to have since they help you avoid being embarrassed in public due to breast leaking. Sometimes when you don’t feed for too long, your breasts may become heavy and begin to leak, leaving a wet spot on your clothes. These pads can be put inside the bra.

6. Gel Pads

Gel pads can help painful breasts when they tend to get full and can be stuck inside the bra like nursing pads.  They prove useful when you are weaning the baby off the breast.

7. Breast Pump

If you wish to pump out breast milk to save it for later and feed the baby through the bottle, then a breast pump is a must. This tool helps you store milk if you are unable to feed from your own breasts.