Bras are not supposed to be just dainty bits of nothing that reveal more than they hide.

A Good bra will not only give support and comfort, it can also go a long way to maintain good breast health.

An ill-fitting bra can be bad news for several reasons:

  • If a bra is not the right size; i.e. it is too small or tight for you, it can actually cause breast pain, which will be alleviated simply by getting fitted for the correct bra size.bra
  • Some experts believe that a bra that pinches in the wrong places, can actually restrict the lymphatic flow in the breast, and may even lead to an increased breast cancer risk.
  • A bra that is too tight will cut into the skin, causing pain and will also show up those unsightly bulges and cuts where there should actually be none.
  • A bra that is too loose or old and misshapen will make a woman appear more saggy and pendulous than she actually is.
  • A loose, misshapen bra actually alters a woman’s shape and may make her appear heavier and older than she is.
  • Playing sport with wrong kind of bra can be distinctly uncomfortable.