With the advancement in the medical sciences, today you can overcome the problem of unwanted pregnancy and the morning after emergency contraceptive bill is one of the methods.

What is an emergency contraceptive?

An emergency contraceptive or the more commonly new morning after pill is an effective contraceptive measure that can be used in the next 120 hours post unprotected sexual intercourse or post sex accidents such as condom rupture, diaphragm slipping …etc.

Why is an emergency contraceptive used?

Sex accidents do happen and in case you are faced with one, the dreading thought of an unwanted pregnancy can be removed with a simple pill treatment. The emergency contraceptive has the purpose of eliminating any chance of pregnancy provided it is taken in time.

How will the emergency contraceptive work?

Emergency Contraceptives PicturesThe most common emergency contraception pills, also known as Plan B pills, are made up of estrogen and progesterone or progesterone only, which help regulate ovulation and fertility in the way similar to other natural hormones work.

These pills work on hormonal secretion and their effect doesn’t allow the egg to implant in the uterine lining.

How to use the emergency contraception?

Emergency contraceptives such as the 72 h pill pack can also be used as a supportive approach to birth control for unwanted pregnancy in situations such as: when other birth control measures failed, if two or more dosage of regular birth control pills are skipped, or in the absence of any effective birth control method.

Each emergency contraception pack contains two tablets, which are measured as a single course of treatment; each tablet contains levonorgestrel (0.75 mg). The first tablet of this type of Plan B contraceptive measure should be taken orally as soon as possible within three days of your unprotected intercourse.

However, for an effective result, the first tablet should be taken immediately within the first 12 hours from your sexual intercourse.

The sooner it is taken the better are the chances to maximize its effect. The second tablet must be taken twelve hours later. Your doctor will suggest the order of tablet usage while prescribing the oral contraceptive.

The pros and cons of emergency contraception

birth control pills picturesRemember that this is not an alternate form of birth control and also that it cannot protect you from sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/ AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea and so on.

You should keep in mind that the emergency contraception effect is influencing directly the ovulation and the natural hormonal balance of the female body.

This is why it is extremely important to use it as rare as possible and only if nothing else could have protected you from an unwanted pregnancy.

Most of the symptoms of the contraceptives are temporary, and usually clear up within 24 hours or a couple of days at most.

It is highly recommended to avoid using Plan B when you are pregnant, have undiagnosed vaginal bleeding or have an allergy to the product’s components. Remember, the emergency contraception cannot end up an established pregnancy.

How do you get emergency contraceptive pills?

You can easily get the 72h pills from your doctor or from a drugstore if you are 18 years old or older. However, a prescription is a must if you are 17 years or younger.

It is estimated that emergency contraceptive pills can reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy by 89%, when used correctly after an unprotected intercourse.

However, the effectiveness reduces as the interval between intercourse and the start of treatment increases.

 Are emergency pills the same as birth control pills?

The answer is: No.

Although they work based on the same hormones, the principle is different. The birth control pill acts as a gradual contraceptive measure by preventing ovulation and by it an unwanted pregnancy.

The emergency contraception pill thickens the cervical mucus to prevent the egg fertilization but also thins the uterine lining preventing the fertilized egg from implanting.

How often can you take emergency contraceptives?

The truth is that you can take the emergency pill as often as you need, even twice during a cycle interval. However, because of the hormone combination present in this contraceptive method it is not recommended to use it instead of the regular contraceptive measure.

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