Irregular periods are the universal problem that most of the women experience.

About 70% of the women, especially approaching menopause experience the problem of irregular periods.

Self care is very essential to treat the condition of irregular periods. Here are the steps that are helpful in treating minor irregularities in menstruation.

Proper diet:

Diet is the most essential thing that affects your bodies. Eating lots of fast foods means you are not providing sufficient nutrients for your body. Eating sporadically, missing the meals and dieting constantly are sending your body into survival mode.Irregular Periods

The bodies which are in starving mode will not cycle regularly, thus resulting in irregular periods. So, carefully watch your diet and eat as healthy as you can. Take the necessary time and prepare the healthiest foods available to you.

The following dietary tips are helpful in treating irregular periods. They include:

  • Avoid consuming all the constipating foods, particularly during the last week of your menstrual cycle. Avoid foods like: sour foods, protein rich pulses and fried foods.
  • Among vegetables, consume drumsticks, snake gourd, white pumpkin and bitter gourd as these are good for dysmenorrheal.
  • Avoid eggplant, yellow pumpkin and potato.
  • Fish is a good dietary product for irregular periods as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are helpful during menstruation.
  • Avoid poultry, meat and dairy products.

Lifestyle changes:

In order to treat the problem of irregular periods, you have to restrict yourself for various changes. Once you decide to follow this approach, then you need a strong mind and positive thinking for managing those changes.

Stress reduction techniques, diets high in estrogen and doing regular exercises will show positive effects on the treatments for irregular periods.

Try to relax as much as you can. Take little rest periods during your work time and feel the energy of your body. Drink plenty of water.

Regular workouts:

Practicing regular workouts will stimulate different parts of your body. Regular exercises regulate your body temperature and helps in consuming proper diet, which again leads to the reduction of irregular periods.

Treating irregular periods with natural remedies:

Using non-estrogenic herbal remedies for correcting hormonal imbalance is a safe way for treating irregular periods. These remedies are low cost and provide little side effects. This is the reason for most of the people to prefer this option.

For example, Macafem is a non-estrogenic herb that stimulates your hormone glands in order to produce the essential hormones normally. Finally this leads to the reduction of irregular periods.

If the condition becomes a difficult problem to face, then consult your doctor.