Did you ever felt any smooth, rubbery, hard lump moving in your breast tissue? Then try to pay more attention towards it [Breast lumps and breast cancer].

These smooth, rubbery lumps, which can move easily in your breast tissues, are in fact named as fibroadenomas.

This presence of fibroadenoma in your breast tissues can often cause anxiety and concern for you, as most of you can typically consider these fibroadenomas as cancerous lumps.

Fibroadenomas are benign breast lumps which are significantly found in women of all age group. But it is usually believed that this fibroadenoma can commonly occur in teenagers and also in women who are aged below 30.Fibroadenomas

Juvenile fibroadenoma mainly refers to the type of breast lump which can occur predominantly in females, aged below 20. This kind of tumor has a much more cellular aperture than the usual fibroadenoma and the ductual part most often has a pericanalicular pattern.

Injuries to your breast can mainly result in the formation of lumps!

Whenever your breast is injured by any accident or trauma, the tiny blood vessels present in your breast can burst and leads to localized bleeding.

This particular area which has experienced localized bleeding can be felt as a lump in your breast. These types of lumps that are in fact followed by a major trauma are usually considered as non cancerous. The traumas or injuries to your breast can actually cause damage to the fat cells of your breast and results in a condition called fat necrosis.

Fibroadenoma and breast cancer!

It is believed that women with breast fibroadenoma can have a slightly increased risk of developing breast cancer, when compared with normal females. But don’t be anxious about it! This can happen only in certain rare cases.

Very rarely, certain cancerous cells responsible for causing breast cancer can be easily detected in fibroadenoma biopsy method. But it is also believed that all most all the cases of fibroadenoma are in fact benign.

There are certain complications involved in the surgical removal methods of fibroadenomas. The biopsies and other surgical methods involved in the removal of these breast lumps are usually associated with the risk of bleeding, post-operative infection and also scarring on the skin after surgery.

But be aware of one more important thing! Any removal procedure of these smooth lumps from your breast, cannot guarantee its recurrence.

In physical examination, these lumps can be felt more slippery, hard and smooth like a marble. These lumps can move easily with in your breast. However, it is very difficult for any one to differentiate between fibroadenoma and a fluid filled cyst. So, many of the medical experts usually recommend to undergo a simple procedure called fine-needle aspiration to confirm the presence of fibroadenomas.

So, whenever you suspect the presence of these kinds of lumps in your breast, immediately consult your general physician, in order to get the right treatment at right time.