If a woman becomes pregnant while breastfeeding a small infant, it is very likely that she would not like to carry a pregnancy to term and have another small infant to look after so may want that a pregnancy be terminated.

Then you would have a situation wherein you would typically be breastfeeding at the same time as contemplating terminating the accidental pregnancy. Two options are available: surgical abortion and medical abortion.pills

With surgical abortion one can continue to breastfeed, however with medical abortion, it is not possible to continue and one would have to discontinue at least for a few days, the process of breast feeding.  This is because of the presence of misoprostol in the breast milk after you take the abortion pill. If you are breastfeeding, the misoprostol may cause your infant to have diarrhea.

There are several reasons why a woman may prefers medical abortion (the aborting pill) to surgical abortion, for one it involves no surgery as such; it is less invasive and there is no administration of anesthesia. One does not have to admit themselves to a medical facility; rather this is a process one can complete in the privacy of one’s home.

While there are several reasons for preferring the abortion pill, there are medical conditions that preclude its use; so an informed decision has to be taken regarding its use.